Very slow MyCloud Home - can you access non Public folders from IP address

My 6TB is extraordinarily slow - took 2 weeks to tfr 4GB files connected to a GB router. Now accessing it is frustratingly slow - any more than 2 folders deep and its takes minutes to chug to open the folder. I have tried to access by static IP (set up router for it) but it simply takes me to an empty public folder (that I didn’t set up).

Can you access non public folder via an IP address and would this be faster that the WD discovery way?

So far, I:ve had nothing but frustrations with this NAS.

Hi bonnerm,

Are you facing same issue while uploading of data files via If not, then try to upload a file via to check for the same issue.

There might be several reasons causing slow uploading of data files or folders on My Cloud Home. You can have a look at the below article in this concern.

So far, I:ve had nothing but frustrations with this NAS.too

I’ve ditched it for a Synology DS118 + Seagate Iron wolf 8TB … SUPER fast, easy to set up the NAS, easy to acces via iPhone, easy to map drive on PC and all for Aus$500 … an absolute no brainer - sorry WD, you’ve lost me forever - even the MyCloud was a better solution than this MyCoud Home … a very very frustrating experience