Very Slow first time backup


I have a new My Book World Edition 2, 2TB, ( with 2 x 1TB drives mirrored) installed on a 10/100 network with the unit installed as described in the back of the router.

I have set up a WD Anywhere Backup and it seems to be running very slowly.

It has been going for over 4 hours and has backed up 20GB. 

I want to back up 400GB.

Is this rate usual or is something going wrong?

Are the any settings I can change to make go at a reasonable rate.

Thanking you for any assistance you can provide.

I have the single drive World Edition plugged directly into a spare port on the router.

I get transfer rates of 8 MB/S. AT this rate your 20GB backup should have taken 41 minutes. To backup your entire 400GB should take about 14 hours.

I am not using the WD software, just a staight copy using Windows explorer. Perhaps you can also try a direct copy to see if the WD software is causing the slowdown.

My transfer rates are still not very impressive, but from my research , these are the best you are likely to find.