Very Slow dashboard


Ah… I am using windows 10… That is why… The only apple stuff I have is ixxx… Thanks


I was able to solve this by enabling SSH and making space to /var/log which was full - everything came back to normal then.

also good post which may apply to some peeps: content scan issue


Is there a solution to this?

I have a WD MyCloud Mirror EX2. Ever since I bought it, I have had problems with slow/non-responsive dashboard as well as slow/non-response access to the drive itself (from mycloud app, web browser, etc). I recently went through an RMA, got a new drive in the mail, swapped my hard disks, re-setup the users, and now I am back to having the same exact problems.

Needless to say, I am not happy with WD. This is the last product of theirs I will ever buy. And, in the meantime, it would be nice if they could fix this issue with new firmware update or something. Honestly, slow/non-responsive behavior makes this thin worthless. Come on WD!


The same for me. I have update 2.11.169 from January 2018 and the situation is still the same.
I agree with many of the posts in this threat: I’d never buy this device again. It’s not powerful enough for the desired tasks and WD doesn’t seen to care about it!

The dashboard takes minutes to get loaded while the load on the system is small! What’s it waiting for?


I have a EX2, firmware 2.11.169 (Jan. 2018). It shows the very same symptoms. After looking around in the forum I switched off wdmcserver (using ssh access) which seems to scan constantly the folders and generates .wdmc folders with thumbnails (not exactly sure on this). During dashboard startup, disk load went up to 100% (saw this using atop). I think it’s gathering statistics for the dashboard (like cound/size of media)

Anyways, after turning out wdmcserver the dashboard comes up immediately and file transfer speeded up from 2MB/s to 7MB/s (writing and reading).

However there is one drawback (which isn’t important to me): In the dashboard you won’t see the aforementioned statistics any more. It Doesn’t show numbers for Video/Photo/Music any more.


Sahlix, I’m going to try your solution. It’s absolutely frustrating WD hasn’t really addressed any of this in nearly 3 years. I have to work on this cloud for work and when I do buy a cloud for myself, it’s not gonna be WD. I’m having to learn way more about this stuff just to get it to function as desired


In the meantime I changed OS to debian and I‘m running OpenMediaVault Noe. I had to read me through tons of material but it‘s definitely worth the hassle!


The solution is synology. I have both and synology zips around. I get 20 things done in the time it takes just to load one wd page. WD Interface is AWFUL! SHAMEFUL! ■■■■■! THERE IS NO FIX!