Very slow backups on some computers

I have sucessfully connected 11 client computers to my DX4000.  3 are XP Pro and 8 are XP Home. I have been adding these at a rate of about 2 a day just so that I could monitor things.  All the hard drives in the machines are quite small, ranging from 60 GB to 250 GB.

I set the back up time range on the DX4000 from 7:00 pm to 6:00 am.  

8 of the clients (6 XP Home, 2 XP Pro) have backed up successfuly and in a timely manner.  But two of the clients (1 XP Home and 1 XP Pro) have taken over 12 hrs to back up.  And currently one of the XP Home has been stuck at 4% for over 4 hrs.  Any ideas on what I can look for?  Is there any programs that can cause a conflict?

I am newby with the DX4000 so what I think might be way off.

What I understand is that it performs a complete backup of the workstation. If the workstation apears to be stuck at 4% for a long period of time it could be 1 of 2 things.

This would be for the workstation that you are having the problems with.

1st - It could be a network issue.

2nd - I think that it is probally an issue with your hard drive.

I would first try and rule out the hard drive. I would run a chkdsk on the drive and make sure that it is sound. If there are cross linked files or bad sectors that have not been identified as bad, than this could cause your system to hang while it is trying to read the sectors.

If you find issues with the drive and have them corrected, then try your backup again.

If there were no issues with the hard drive, then maybe analyse your network for drop packets. It could be something as simple as a bad patch cable.

Hope this help…

I second the chkdsk option as well has if it is wireless, a wired connection works best for the initial backup.

Thanks for the reply.  It is not a network issue because this particular computer is a Point of Sale “host” or “server” and it’s client computer accesses it and  connects to a shared drive correctly.  Also I can see it in network neighborhood, and the internet works on it too.

Second, last night I ran chkdsk and there were no errors found according to the event viewer log.

I tried doing a manual backup again this morning and same thing happened.  It was very slow and got stuck at 4% :confounded:

Any other ideas?

Is there curently or has there ever been another backup product installed on the 4% box?

You say it is a **bleep** Host?  Can you shut down the **bleep** Services to see if it makes a diff?

The drive(s) being backed up are all NTFS, no Virtual or RAM drives in use?

This is one of two machines that I have Acronis True Image running on it, but because the other one worked fine, I didn’t even suspect that.  I will try uninstalling it tonight when I have access to it.

By the way,  I like how the forum **bleeped** what I assume was your abbreviation for Point of Sale.  Too funny.

Thanks again

I had not noticed I got bleeped.  The server is up to date with windows update correct?  Also look in the application event log of the pc at about the time backup starts (If it still fails after you remove Acronis)