Very newbie question about WD Live Hub

Hello everyone.  Please pardon me if this has been asked before, I have searched and read a lot of post, or if this is so basic to be stupid.

I have all new equipment.  Denon AVR-391, WD Live Hub ( with all updates installed), an Apex 40" HDTV.

I thought I would be able to connect the WD Live Hub HDMI output to the AV Receiver, connect the AVR to the HDMI input of the TV.  I wanted to watch TV and hear sound out of the speakers connected to the AVR, also play content off the WD Live Hub with video to the TV and sound to the speakers connected to the AVR.

The only way i can get sound from the WD is with the Optical output to the optical input of the AVR on the DVD input. 

Does the HDMI output of the WD have to go to a HDMI input on the TV?

How can I watch TV (Cable) and hear the sound through the speakers connected to the AVR?

If your WDTV Live Hub is connecfed to the Denon via HDMI, and the Denon is connected to the TV via HDMI, and the Hub is set to DIGITAL PASSHTROUGH for Audio, then you should get audio from your AVR of the Hub.

To get Audio from your TELEVISION through to your AVR, you probably need an optical cable for that.

If i am not wrong, you dont even need an optical cable to route the audio to the avr. Just a RCA (composite) cable will do the task.Additionally you will have to configure audio options in your TV . My brother’s 5.1 speaker was getting audio only from the dvd player (speakers directly connected to the player and no receiver) and not from the analog cable input of TV . So he used an RCA cable and linked the player with the TV and it worked fine after configuring audio output settings in the TV.

Since the Live hub has composite out, you can do this IMO…

The most likely reason you are only getting sound from the WD from the optical input is because you have the Denon set for optical.

You have to set it either to Auto or HDMI.  Connect the HDMI from the HUB to your AVR then read pages 31 & 32 of your Denon AVR-391 User Manual.

Tinwarble and all who replied, Thanks!  I have succeeded in re-assigning the OPT signal to the TV button on the Denon.  But getting the HDMI cable to carry video or sound to the Denon and beyond still evades me.  I have tried to set the denon to Auto, Digital, Hdmi and even analog to no avail.  Could it be the HDMI cables I’m using. 

I’m missing something here and it’s probably simple.  This is the first new AVreceiver I’ve had for many years and quite frankly it is a overly complicated in my opinion.  Having to make adjustments with the remote and a one line highly abbreviated message is ridiculous.  The WD interface is much easier to use, if I could just understand what they are talking about half the time.

Thanks again for your continued help and hand holding.

BTW, I will be adding a RCA cable from the  SP/DIF output on the TV to the COAX/CBL input on the Denon to see if I can get the TV sound through the speakers.  At this point maybe 50-50 it will work.:cry:

Do you have the HUB set to output HDMI passthru?

On the HUB go to Setup / Audio/Video Output / Audio Output then select Digital Pass-Thru via HDMI.

As for connecting the TV to the AVR, you can’t connect RCA to the optical input on the AVR.   But I’m not sure way you are wanting to connect the the TV to the AVR anyway.  If you have a Satelitte or Cable box it should go to the AVR and you don’t need the TV to output sound to the AVR.  You should connect any device that you have to the AVR via HDMI and the only thing that you need between the AVR and the TV is one HDMI cable from the AVR’s output to the TV’s input.   The only reason that you might have the TV output audio to  the AVR is if you are using an antenna.

You setup should be:

HUB to AVR via HDMI cable

Sat or Cable box to AVR via HDMI cable

then AVR (output) to TV (input) via HDMI cable

Since the AVR-391 doesn’t have RCA jacks you want be able to use any.  So if you have any device that doesn’t have and HDMI output and has to connected via RCA, then you will have to connect the RCA video outputs from the device to the RCA video inputs on the TV and use an Optical cable from the device to the AVR.  

If it the device doesn’t have an optical output, then you  will not be able to get sound out of the AVR.

Well, with all the great suggestions from you folks, it works.

First, I’ve got them working on two HDMI cables.  No optical or any other cables.

HDMI from WD to AVR DVD input

HDMI  from AVR monitor out to TV HDMI input #1

CAT5E from my router in the house to the WD

and of course the power cords

Two things I was doing wrong.

When I would make changes to the setup, I was not re-starting the device, or re-booting.  And if it didn’t work I’d change something else and not giving the devices time to set up for the connection.

I also set the HDMI up as Dolby Digital Plus, whatever that means.  But I think, learning that the devices need to restart to find the devices connected to it, and not giving both enough time to get setup was the problem.  I’d like to go back and see what ready fixed it for my own knowledge, but I’m kind of worried about not being able to get back to where I at now.

Comments please!