Very large Spotify playlist causes box to crash/restart


So if I try to play the “XFM Top 1000 Songs of all time”, It gets as far as moving to play-mode and attempting to play the selected track, then the thing just hard restarts on me.

Doesn’t seem to matter how I try and play the list or which song I start with, I get the same result every time.

I can only surmise that the 1000 songs is too much as I don’t seem to have the issue with any other playlist.

Anyone else seen this or got a work-around?


I seem to be experiencing the exact same issue since the last firmware update.

I’m using the Top 40 radio playlist which has 549 tracks. 

I’ve also since the last update, the shuffle feature on any playlist seems to keep the artists name that is orginally select on all subsequent tracks.

Yep - I noticed the shuffle Artist bug too…

I raised it in this thread!

I have exactly same problem… everytime I start playing list on spotify device reboots… I made new list with 50 songs with my pc and still happens. Also some of my lists works fine.

EDIT: actually 79 songs in new list. one way i have found to get “playlists” work. If you star everything on playlist you want to listen, then you can listen them from starred section…

I’ve got the same problem.

I installed firmware 1.12.14 again and the problems were gone. 

Same here. My 109 tracks playlist is enough to make it crash.

Also, most of the time the playlist page is empty…

Fix it please!