Very impressed with my EX4

Dear all,

I just bought this amazing nas!! Im a IT manager and as technology lover I can´t resist to get this hardware.

my first impress is that is a good nas with a good speed and good to home storage!

I was checking for try to find out any another features after see that have the possibility of using him as a web hosting!!

I installed the include version of wordpress and Phpmyadmin but after search into and in google I didn´t find the option of admin the web source files or mysql .ini, etc…

after a hour in google I see that there is no so many things and I try by myself and I get the answers for all my questions in my face!! and I want to share it with all of you!

for start this WD My Cloud ex4 is a linux base nas this is fantastic and have great expand option!!!

for me is esential to have access to all in any device that I get!! for play and do what I want!!

so let go!!!

if any one want to have access to all the files, configurations or install any web services for example an new version of WP or owncloud etc is so easy you will need active ssh server and use for example filezilla this is for the person that are no so good in putty and console command.

ussing the connection protocol sftp ssh you will xplore you nas as a ftp site and will be able to navigate into the hole nas and upload any files as a web hosting if anybody didn´t know how I will be glad to help you, after this I made a test and manually installed the last WP 4.1 and created a new db with phpmyadmin for this new WP and all run very smooth now I can have multiple web sites for develop and upload any modificated file or whatever!! I so happy now cause is what I want!! I can have a very my cloud and webhost in home if I open a port in my firewall!! and a low electric cost!!!

Regard to all and enjoy this amazing linux nas!!!


Please do me a favor and try a large ie> 2TB NAS to USB attached drive backup.




most of us are seriously LESS then impressed this relatively basic NAS.

Apparently if you were to try something like a SOHO Synology your mind would be BLOWN!