Very Frustrated with My Cloud EX4

Hello Everyone,

I’ll get to the point

  1. How does one copy files from the Device to a computer hard drive. Obviously works fine on the local network, but I can’t seem to figure it out if I am away from home. The Desktop app does not allow it.

  2. Related to the above so fine I havent figured out how to copy data from the device, but viewing data is no easier on a desktop. You have to double click each file individually. Why is there no slide show for example for pictures? Mobile app had it.

  3. Why do group permissions not work. I setup shares and groups with the correct share access and rights. I put users in those groups but they can’t get to the shares. I have to go to each share individually and grant access to each user manually. Why have groups at all?

Granted i am new to this device so I hope I am missing something. Please if anyone can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

I would notet that a device like this is not just used by smartphones and tablets. It is also not just used locally nor is it just used for multimedia items. This is a full server with “DATA” all sorts of “DATA”, i would expect that I should be able to get to my “DATA” anywhere in the world and do what I want to do with my “DATA”. The entire reason this product was appealing is that i get to control my “DATA”. At this point it seems very limited and restricting. I think I saw a PDF file of a way to mount a drive letter to the device via web java applet, can’t seem to be able to find it any more. That sounds like the ideal way or let the desktop app do the same.

Again any advice - thoughts?

thanks for any help


Try setting up ftp.

Yep…zemun2’s suggestion is the best. To get access to your files on EX4 from a computer from outside the network, ftp is the best method.

You will need an ftp client software installed on the computer that you need access from. FileZilla is an excellent free client for PCs and Macs. Also, you will need to do port forwarding from your router to your EX2. This in addition to setting up ftp on EX2 through the dashboard.

BTW, another alternate way (but only for the admin of EX2) to access the files would be to use the dashboard’s Web File Viewer (available under Apps). I have also seen somebody post a way to do that not only for admin but ANY USER setup for access but it requires a couple steps for the initial access. And for this to work, you will need to enable remote dashboard access. I have not tried it personally so I can’t comment on whether it works or not but here is the post where someone else tried it and detailed the process ->

I personally prefer the ftp method but if you cannot install additional software on the computer you need access from, the alternate method might be the solution albeit a bit more fussy method.