Very First Intel iMac : WD 250GB disk has Died : Replacement

Hi, wondering wether to replace my dead WD 250gb Drive with a 1tb Caviar Black?

Or is this ‘overkill’ considering the age of my imac (Early 2006).


Hi, you first need to check if the hard drive is compatible with your computer. 

Hi, Eventually installed the 1tb WD black - Unfortunately:-

There is a constant ‘click’ noise every couple of seconds - (The Thing works though) have istalled osx 10.5.8

Anybody Any Advice on how to check how ‘healthy’ it is.

(Stated on ‘auctionsite’ it was brand new, and it certainly appeared that way)


Just to add the ‘noise’ is like the tick of a ‘grandfather clock’ - Am reluctant to continue with my ‘migration’ from power pc

any advice appreciated.


Hi, if anyone has any advice on this problem - Would really Appreciate it.


Hi the WD data life guard test program only works on windows pc so you would have to connect the drive to a windows pc to run the test’s on the drive. Not HAD tune pro or hard disk sentinel will run on a Mac so you would need to find Mac test software to test the drive.

Thanks for the reply, Still Ticking away, Don’t know if it’s dodgy itself, or I have not installed it very well.

Using Disk Utility, No Errors Reported !

Oh Dear !

Hi well if your pc is under your desk and you can hear the hard drive clicking I would return it and try a different one. As from what you say the tick is quite loud and it should not be. I use the black drives myself and have not had that problem, as for the install you plug the drive in boot to your os dvd and install your os thats about it, so I cant see any problem with the install of the drive…