Very Dissappointed with WD service in India

My Western Digital Caviar Green 1TB HDD started running very slow and showing very poor performance. I created a RMA and requested for courier pick up on 26th May 2011 and they gave me a time slot of 12-5pm on 28th May. Since then it has been almost a week and no one has come to pick the HDD up. I tried calling customer support number 1800-200-5789 listed on the WD support site, but an automated message tells me to dial the same number i have actually dialed. I started searching for distributers in Pune, the city i live in and somehow managed to get the number of the WD courier agency  that was supposed to pick up the HDD. They told me to call in an hour. But now they have been cutting my call and switching the number off all the time. I am really annoyed with the service. If this continues i will never buy another WD HDD. No one seems to care about the service. How am i supposed to get my HDD replaced?!

Hi things must be very diffrent in India. Here in Canada wd does not have a courier agency . If your drive goes its up to you to take it to purolator or a diffrent courier place and ship it to wd they in return send it back. Why not take the drive to the courier agency yourself and ship it. As for not buying wd hard drives why are they responsible for some shipping company. Wd also does a advanced rma they take your credit card info and send you the new drive giving you 30 days to ship the old one back.