VERY disappointed

Poor quality product. Periodically not available remotely (have to reset system once I get home). Now it will not generate new access code. Just sits there “UPDATING” on a grayed out screen which then has to be closed. Everything “appears” to be up to date and functioning. Bit I’ve tried (from the dashboard) generating a new code for a new device using IE, Chrome, iPone, iPad – all do the same when trying to generate code. Grrr.

The inability to create a code has nothing to do with the firmware. It’s due to the service outage.

Tony - can you please provide more information on what “service outage” means?

Which service are you talking about and why is it down?

Is there anything that can be done about it?

This issue seems to be affecting a lot of people and it is frustrating and time wasting!


See the sticky post at the top of the forum.

To clarify, I never said anything about firmware. Today however for the first time in a week my cloud finally generated a new code. However the system now says that it is unable to connect to the Internet, which I suspect is once again a problem with WD services. 30 day tech-support is ridiculous given the poor quality and problems that Western Digital obviously has.