Very Disappointed with the EX2

After much research, I recently purchased a pre-configured, 4TB, EX2.   The intent of this purchase was to replace an old Lenovo IX2.  Yesterday I setup the device, updated the firmware…   Problems started rigt away…

  1.  Attempting to rename the device and/or installing a password locks me out of the device… after trying things one at a time…renaming the device, then trying to sign into Dashboard…kept showing incorrect username or password.   Trying to create a password gets the same results.   Each time a factory reset was require to gain access to the device.  Only way to “use” the device is to leave the factory username and NOT use a password.

  2.  File transfers:  PAINFULLY SLOW!   Write speeds when transferring files from a computer on the network never exceeded 10Mbps, and generally hovered at 2-4Mbps!   19 hours to transfer 12GB of data!  (the old Lenovo IX2, wich costs 1/2 of what this unit did, writes at speeds in the 20-30Mbps!)  

  3. Temps:  With minial accessing of the drives, the temps are 45C!   And the fan IS NOT OPERATING!   

 I’ve only owned this device for 2 days…and already have TWO support tickets to WD…and am yet to get anything more then an automated email response, saying they will do their best to respond within 24 hours…guess thats not going to happen.

  I purchased this item through a local Staples store, knowing that I could return it without all the hassles and waiting that come with an online order…as of now, I’m strongly considering boxing this thing back up and returning it.  Its very dissappointing to purchase a product like this…and then have issues right out of the gate.

  I think I’ll try the Netgear 102…based on reviews, it seems folks have less issues with it, versus the EX2. 

The unit is always hot, even when it’s in sleep mode and the Fan never works automatically. I always worry about lost my data stored in EX2 because of High Temp.

I gave up on it.  After wasting a full day, I returned it to Staples for a refund, and purchased a NetGear Readynas 102…even with buying 2 new 2TB hard drives, it was about $30 cheaper, and the Readynas is far better then the EX2.

  It took about 4 hours to have the ReadyNas fully functional and all my files transferred to it, compared to spending two days trying to get the EX2 working.  WD should be recalling/refunding to anyone who purchased the EX2…its SERIOUSLY FLAWED.

  Been 3 days now, and I still haven’t heard a peep from WD on the support tickets I submitted.  They’ve lost a customer here…from now on I will go out of my way to avoid WD products!

Yes, my EX2 does run hot (50 degrees C on continuous activity) and there is no fan in the EX2 - it’s convection cooled - just ignore the Fan Speed setting in the dashboard software.  I didn’t have any problems setting up my EX2 but it’s definitely designed for the novice to be ■■■■■-proof.  Anything more and, like you, you need to go to Synology. Netgear, etc.

sktn77a you are incorrect, there is a fan in the EX2, it is not convention cooled, HOWEVER, people have been complaining about the cooling on the EX2 since July 2014 and that the fan almost never seems to operate.  So from that perspective, I guess you could say it’s convection cooled.  Here is the thread.

Interesting, thanks.  Care to share the location or post a picture?  I’ve taken the drives out of mine and there’s no fan in the back, bottom or top.  That leaves the front, which I can’t see well but given the lack of any ventillation holes on the front, I don’t see what good that would do(?!)

When you open the top of the EX2, you will see the two drives are located in a rectangular area.  You will also see the font of the unit is curved which creates a small space (gap) between the rectangular drive area and the curved front of the case.  Now flip the unit over, flash a light between the vent slats on the bottom and look at the small space created by the curved front.  You should see the fan.  I just flipped my EX2 over and with a flash light, I saw my fan, it’s very small.

I encourage you to thoroughly read the post I linked.  You will see people are unhappy about the heat issue and have been complaining for almost a year to give us some kind of fan control in the firmware like you get with the major NAS manufacturers.