Very disappointed user-My Book LIve Duo is rebooting & Intermittent access (also slow)

Can someone from WD support team actually contact me please? I have several tickets issued, but best bet is to check Case Number: [Deleted]

I spoke with 2 people on the phone and NADA…nothing…I also sent log files to [Deleted] from WD support team -ref:_00DU0Jpn7._500U09W8Za.

Let me recap what happened here…

Last Friday Unit rebooted, and that happened every day at least once. Access to the unit is intermittent at best. Dashboard is slow or not accessible at all. Under system/storage it says all good (raid 1 and both drives good) but drive B failed diagnostic test (both short and full one). This is all very strange as backup is still running. Even if I can’t access drive, I can ping it, no issues.

I am actually IT person, and I tried few things…I suspect that latest firmware release is causing this. But again, I am not WD expert. LOG files & system reports are submitted 2 times

Can someone please contact me? I am at the verge of returning the unit and go with some other vendor.

Thank you in advance.

How curious, you’re an IT but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know your unit is having a physical power problem, meaning either the power adapter or the controller box, pointing out to a replacement. And even if the box or power adapter were OK, drive B still failed a test, meaning it’s also bad and still needs to be replaced.

Don’t expect a logical (Software) fix for your physical problems with the box. Repleace it while still under warranty with WD or return it to the place of purchase, and move on.

I am not rocket scientist…just some IT dude :slight_smile:

Anyhow, first guess is PS, but usually if it’s dead-it’s dead. No intermittent issues. Controller-possibly, but I would like to run few test, and I need support from WD for it.

Firmware can change threshold for all sorts of things so drive can fail testing…temperature wise etc. Mind you that under storage on dashboard both drives show as good/healthy RAID 1.

Support contacted me. Hoping to do few tests and than decide from there. 

Let me know if you are interested about outcome, I can share it here.

I am.

So tier 2 support called me. They checked log files and basically I will RMA unit while still in warranty. There are few issues and trooubleshooting one by one might give some success, but why bother when outcome is uncertain. So RMA…

Told you they’d replace it. It’s a very bad sign already your Duo was rebooting as such.