VERY basic starter to editing the default theme, PLEASE!?


I have the WDTV Live SMP and would like to edit some of the font sizes and font colors, etc. of the default theme on the device. I cannot seem to find a very basic, beginner starting point explaining how to do this.

I have the WDTV installed in a vehicle that has a small display (not a TV screen), therefore some of the browse screens have font sizes that are entirely too small to read.

I would like to begin with the default WDTV SMP theme, edit some of the font sizes in the XML files, upload the theme to the devices, and that is ALL.

I found a thread here that stated that default theme could be found in the GPL Package at - after unzipping the GPL Package I could NOT find the theme anyhwere in the package.

Can someone please help me with some basic beginner steps?

Thank you!!!

you can find a link to the default theme here

Thank you so much. I downloaded the Mochi theme and figured out how to update the WDTV with my new XML by uploading:



I think now the toughest part is going to be how to find all of the corresponding XML files to the screens/widgets that I would like to update.

Can anyone point me to the correct file to edit for changing the header/sub-header on the file above (rv_music_browse_page.xml). The header reads:

My Media Library

Music: All Albums

I would also love some help finding the song list XML when listening to an Album. I need to make the tracks on that page larger in font size.

Thank you!

hint: look at the include files :wink:

besides that, may way of finding this stuff, will not be usefull, unless you’re hacking into your device

I usually tail the log file, from cmd line

might be better to see what you can find, or ask other themer’s if they know which xml’s hold the values you need to edit

Your hint did help me! But it also just leads to many more questions. I found the text color I want to change, but it is set to a dynamic value. Does anyone know how to change ‘@@info_main_color’?

without looking at the value, can’t use just specify the value for @@info_main_color

but if not


if it’s not in the include xml’s

I would probably using something like notepad++ ability to search for text within files

search all xml’s for the value @@info_main_color

there’s probably some other xml where they first declare the value


You’re editing the wrong xml    rv_background_common_widgets.xml

You should be editing                rv_browse_common_widgets_new.xml

eg.  rv_music_browse_page.xml  contains this…

<include filename="./rv_multi_edit_widgets_for_browse.xml"/>
    <include filename="./rv_browse_common_widgets_new.xml"/>
    <include filename="./inc_loading.xml"/>
    <include filename="./decoration.xml"/>
    <include filename="./info.xml"/>

So… when editing rv_browse_common_widgets_new.xml   here is your font color and size

<text text="@@info_sub" x=“164” y=“87” w=“500” h=“29” fontsize=“26” textcolor=“0xffffff” speed=“1” delay=“2”/>
<text text="@@info_main" x=“164” y=“117” w=“500” h=“45” fontsize=“40” textcolor=“0x07b5ff” speed=“1” delay=“2”/>


For color values use a Hex Color Chart (keep 0x and replace the 6 digits)




To answer the 2nd Question: For the “Song List” during music playback …  album_playback.xml




Regarding the incorrect xml you were editing   rv_background_common_widgets.xml

You only have look at line above and below the @@info_main_color to see how to make it a permanent color.

(you replace it with a Hex Value eg. textcolor=“0xffffff”)

<text text="@@info_sub" x=“164” y=“87” w=“900” h=“29” fontsize=“24” textcolor=“0xffffff”/>
<text text="@@info_main" x=“164” y=“117” w=“900” h=“45” fontsize=“40” textcolor="@@info_main_color"/>
<text text="@@info_help" x=“296” y=“199” w=“927” h=“25” fontsize=“20” textcolor=“0xffffff” align=“right”/>

Thanks so much for the reply. I am getting the hang of things now! I appreciate you providing me with the album_playback.xml.

Is there a maximum font size that is allowed? I notice if I go above a certain number, for example fontsize=“43”, the size seems to be ignored completely and the text appears in the UI as something really small, like size 12.

Also wondering if there is a way to add a different font? Maybe that is a little bit too complicated… but I figured I would ask.

Thank you again!

Answer 1: from the fontlist.xml contained in the GPL code of valid font size’s

<size size=“16” baseline_offset=“2” baseline_offset_dfb=“3”/>
<size size=“18” baseline_offset=“2” baseline_offset_dfb=“3”/>
<size size=“20” baseline_offset=“2” baseline_offset_dfb=“4”/>
<size size=“22” baseline_offset=“3” baseline_offset_dfb=“4”/>
<size size=“24” baseline_offset=“3” baseline_offset_dfb=“5”/>
<size size=“25” baseline_offset=“3” baseline_offset_dfb=“5”/>
<size size=“26” baseline_offset=“3” baseline_offset_dfb=“5”/>
<size size=“28” baseline_offset=“3” baseline_offset_dfb=“5”/>
<size size=“30” baseline_offset=“4” baseline_offset_dfb=“6”/>
<size size=“32” baseline_offset=“4” baseline_offset_dfb=“7”/>
<size size=“36” baseline_offset=“4” baseline_offset_dfb=“7”/>
<size size=“40” baseline_offset=“5” baseline_offset_dfb=“8”/>
<size size=“42” baseline_offset=“6” baseline_offset_dfb=“9”/>
<size size=“44” baseline_offset=“5” baseline_offset_dfb=“9”/>
<size size=“48” baseline_offset=“6” baseline_offset_dfb=“10”/>
<size size=“50” baseline_offset=“7” baseline_offset_dfb=“11”/>
<size size=“52” baseline_offset=“6” baseline_offset_dfb=“10”/>
<size size=“56” baseline_offset=“7” baseline_offset_dfb=“12”/>
<size size=“60” baseline_offset=“7” baseline_offset_dfb=“12”/>
<size size=“64” baseline_offset=“8” baseline_offset_dfb=“13”/>
<size size=“68” baseline_offset=“9” baseline_offset_dfb=“14”/>
<size size=“72” baseline_offset=“9” baseline_offset_dfb=“15”/>
<size size=“76” babaseline_offset=“10” baseline_offset_dfb=“16”/>

Answer 2: No

Interesting and appreciated!

adding a ttf font, should be possible I have not tested with this device, but successfully did it with the older WD Live but I would not recommend it, it was just too much for for the minimal gain imagine, every xml with any text values would need to be redone nothing would line, up, etc …


Custom fonts don’t work on the SMP/HUB …  Not possible on Official Firmware  (yes i have tried ttf,otf about 2 yrs ago)

WD are using a proprietary/encrypted fonttype  :  uEJGBK-ATH_HeitiBoldGDL.mbf

(Custom fonts only work on the old WDTV Live with WDLXTV Custom firmware (B-Rad cracked it on that device)… yes i own one …

funny thing, Custom fonts Don’t work on the even older WDTV HD Media Player (Gen1) running WDLXTV … which i also own)

I’m surprised that .ttf font does not work

there was nothing special in WDLXTV required to make .ttf work

and subtitles still required working entries for the proprietary fonttype

what I suspect, is you can’t resolve or correctly determine the path to use without hacking the device

path to the font, must be from the view point of root from WD, which unless you hack the device, you’re not going to know

but regardless, I don’t recommend change fonts, too much work

and yet, i’m interested now, to see if it works, lol

Thanks guys for all of this interesting feedback!

Before posting my question on fonts, I found the ‘font’ directory and added a .ttf from my machine to the folder and within the fontlist.xml I changed the name from the .mbf file to my ttf font. Uploaded the package to the device and it didn’t work. I really thought that it would since I saw a .ttf font commented out in the fontlist.xml

Oh, well. Interesting to play around with it tho!

checked some of my old notes on fonts

on the old live ttf was supported for firmware 1.02.21 and older

themes were only supported on WDLXTV

but the actually ttf support was included in the official firmware

then WD made a major change from nanox to directfb rendering engine with firmware 1.03.x

with the change to directfb, they dropped truetype support

so fast forward

now we can theme the device without WDLXTV

but the current device has always been directfb, and ttf support has not been added

You guys are thorough, I will give you that!

Thank you!