Very bad RMA experience

I just went through my first WD RMA.

The story

My WD Red Pro 4TB drive started to act weird, loosing data and couldn’t pass the basic WD diagnostic test (had 21 bad sectors and that number was increasing). I decided to go though the RMA. I have 2.5 years of warranty left.

I bought the HDD in Germany. As I don’t live there anymore, I called WD support about my RMA options. The WD support team instructed me not to send HDD back to Germany as my country is outside EU. That is why WD support instructed me send it to the local WD distributor in my current country of residence (for my convenience they said).

Once I contacted local distributor they told me if my drive is faulty they will gladly replace the drive . Once they received the drive (I handed it personally and received note of acceptance), my problems started!

The local distributor and warranty centre did check the HDD, and concluded its faulty but they can’t replace it as it was not bought from them, and replacement from abroad would be complicated, and they offered to ship me the faulty HDD back!?!
I received only phone call about this, no official email.

Then I contacted both WD support team again and RMA dept, and this time they gave me 2 conflicting proposals. WD support told me to try again with another distributor?!? And RMA dept told me to take the HDD back from the local warranty centre and ship it to Germany (which I was told initially is not possibile)?!


I have no HDD, WD support and RMA dept unwilling to help and don’t want to move things forward.

For me, this was very bad RMA experience (if you can call it RMA at all).

Thanks for reading

The same story with the power supply Seasonic bought on Amazon and delivered to Russia. I had to send in the US under warranty.


Thanks for reply I hope your got your PSU in good state from Seasonic.

As for my case, RMA process was a bad joke, and European WD support is helpful as “fog during the rainy day”.

Moral of the story, if you bought your WD drive from one country and moved to a different one, you could (not necessarily will) jump into RMA/warranty problems, if your drive becomes faulty.