Vertical Thumbnail Navigation

This is Not the Scrolling ‘Marquee’ Effect … it’s Navigating Thumbnails buy Pressing Up or Down which updates a Single Row of Thumbnails, instead of the Entire Page.

Not a Huge find, but does offer another alernate way a view can be used.

Discovered in Original WDTV Gen1 Code.

An Example in Large Video Thumbnail View. (Works in all other Views)

<listbox valkey=“browselist” autoenter=“1” autoswitch=“0” move=“page”
    cols=“3” rows=“3” lbmask=“u”  loop_scroll=“1” turbo_trigger=“10” turbo_multi=“10” hormove=“1” />

_ Modified to this… _

<listbox valkey=“browselist” autoenter=“1” autoswitch=“0” move=“row”
    cols=“3” rows=“3” lbmask=“HT”  loop_scroll=“1” turbo_trigger=“10” turbo_multi=“10”  />

Sample Code:


works like a charme…

awesome find Joey it for me personally this is exactly what it needed in one of my view modes.

Nice find again Joey! Thanks for sharing this.

Just one question/observation: Why are these things that Joey and others find all found as a result of their own research treasure hunt and not documented in an official WD API document for general consumption? Very curious.

“Not Richard”


That’s a great question!

Why oh why have WD not provided the end user with an official Guide to the Theming Code?

And before anyone says there is a guide/ Theme Defination…

…Yes I know and it is posted here by Joey Smyth…

…this used to be available for download on the wd official site, but the link has now disappeared. I also understand that this is currently being reviewed/ editted by WD, which again shows the lack of product support by WD at the initial launch of the ‘hub’, which literally left themer’s out in the dark to find out things themselves…

I would also consider the published guide to be rather inadequate and poorly written which does not even explain the FULL code and variables currently present. Hence why Joey Smyth and others had to spend numerous hours based on a ‘trial and error approach’ to find out the such discoveries and the ‘hidden’ affects of what is suppose to be an open and free code!

And lets NOT forget Tinwarbles invaluable posts here to try and explain the ‘basics’ of the theming code and fill in the MASSIVE gaps left by the WD official guide.(Note this is only 1 of  numerous posts by Tinwarble which were extremely helpful and informative back in the very early days of theming)

So will WD make a concerted effort to make Theme Design a pleasure rather than a pothole experience without a torch?

sharp trick…

Happy Easter gang!

And hopping to come back regularly after my autodesk inventor @ Softimage plugins gonna be finish…

And hopping that WD move a little his b**** and giving us more cookie for themer.

And Still hopping to see friendly theme wars with appropriate tools (HEHE!!!:smileyvery-happy:)

awesome find Joey

thanks, harisj16