Version update

I am ready to discard my WD my book essential and go back to online back up .  i bought  my book essential 44 days ago and  can not back up my files after i updated it to new version this morning.  it is so frustrating.

i can not access back up and retirve tabs and i can not access updates for drive tab.  

i called support and i have to pay extra to get support.  i will not spend another  penny on this product.

if i can not get help by monday dec 13. , i am back with IBACK up online support.



To give WD a fair chance, you should probably have posted this in the right forum. :wink:

This is the WD TV Live forum.  Try here:

Having said that, being asked to pay extra for support sounds off…  I assumed phone support was free for all WD products!  :dizzy_face: release notes say ‘Fixed memory utilization issue’.   With my Win7x64 system’s WDDMservice.exe gloms an additional 190MB to it’s working set each day. release notes say 'Fixed memory utilization issue.  With my Win7x64 system’s WDDMservice.exe now gloms an additional 207MB per day.  

Have 2x2TB elites, 2x1.5TB essentials plus 3 smaller w/o smartware.  Went to at same time as Win7x64pro from XPx32(x86)home and Memory utilization issue first noticed then.  

Pretty durned* *bleep** embarrassing for WD.  Maybe have me give a beta try before posting next version that 'Fixed Memory Utilization Issue.

Did yuo manage to find a solution to your problem, I just put the same update on today and can no longer update or retrieve old stored data


As I posted in another line, I updated My Book 1.1 to 1.4 an hour ago and lost all existing data on the drive. The updated apparently re-formatted the My Book without any warning or asking confirmation. Lost everything on my “back up” and unfortunately have a new laptop/harddrive so I don’t have original data. Complete loss!  Really expensive and very frustrating to have your ‘backup’ drive fail.

Hope this WARNING is helpful to others.