Version 1.01.11 should I update?

I haven’t updated the firmware (1.01.11) on my WDLive since I bought it, after seeing so many negative posts.

Is the latest update (.24, I believe?) a good bet, or are there still many problems with it? How many have found it to be OK?

I was apprehensive at first too.

I first updated the firmware via flash drive and disconnected from teh intarwebz. Worked fine - setup in < 5mins.

This time around I let my blood pressure rise and updated while connected and worked just fine again.

Neither has bricked my device…hope some assurance helps.

The good news is you can always downgrade if necessary.

The big question to ask yourself is this: is the Live working fine for you?  If not, then upgrade.  If so… don’t fix what isn’t broken (in this case moreso than ever, since no firmware update so far, IMHO, has added anything you really need).

That does seem to me to be the sensible approach: if the upgrade doesn’t fix a serious problem nor add significant extra functionality, in view of so many users reporting their machines have been screwed why bother.


And to finish that thought, I practice what I preach – i.e., I haven’t upgraded and I’m happy with where I’m at.  (I’m also still waiting for them to fix the one issue I have a problem with – until they do that I don’t feel any compelling reason to upgrade, although seeing the “new firmware available” is getting a bit annoying).

Hi all , i’m french, please, help me !
i have a problem a firmware on my wdtv live.

failed fimware network  , on my tv this write :

Insert a usb drive with firmware to recover your wdtv .

If you have a soluce , contact me !
i understand english.

Zemouk, PLEASE stop posting the same question to a bunch of different threads.

Do what the screen tells you to do.   

Go download the firmware, put it on a USB Memory device, plug it in, and restart the unit.   If it doesn’t recover itself, call WD.

hi , okay but you will have a tutorial ; 

how repair  wdtv live or a site, i don’t found !:smileyvery-happy:

how contact wdtv live for a soluce i receive my wdtv live  yesterday, and doesnt work.

zemouk wrote:

how contact wdtv live for a soluce i receive my wdtv live  yesterday, and doesnt work.

Try here:

Please don’t spam unrelated threads with your problems.  Either create a new thread and wait for answers or contact WD directly using the above link.