Verifying DMI Pool Data freeze at boot


Has anyone encountered this issue? bio’s freeze at “Verifying DMI Pool Data”.  My computer crashed and on reboot it started stopping at this point.  I adjusted some Bios’s options and I have it at the point where it ask’s for Boot from CD:  Funny thing is that it will boot the paragon recovery disk but not the windows installation disk.  I am able to read the data on the HDD’s raid 0 configuration with the paragon program but it wont boot into windows.  Sound like a failed HDD or motherboard?  there is no weird noises from MB or actions.  Boots like it always has.

MB 680i SLI

Raid 0 HDD WD1500HLFS DH (2)

WHat I’d do on this case to test, is to boot a regular stand-alone non-RAID drive to see if you can boot the installation disk, that will let you know if the problem is set with other drives (Making your MoBo the suspect). If it does boot, then it’s either the RAID configuration and/or the drives.

have you been running in raid before, or are you just now trying to set it up?  you may have to install controller drivers before you start windows.  otherwise windows won’t see the raid.