Verifying DMA on a Caviar Black SATA drive (1TB)

How can I verify DMA mode on my Caviar Black 1TB SATA drive?  I’ve looked in Device Manager, under IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers under SATA Intel ICH10 Family 2 port ATA serial storage controller 2—properties, but there is no where to check a box for DMA.  Is DMA on this drive automatic?  Thanks for the help.


Could you please provide your system specs.  Specifically the brand/model of your MB.

DMA would only apply to a southbridge or integrated controller which did not support SATA natively, or one that was being forced to run in “Legacy” mode instead of “Enhanced” mode (BIOS settings).  The operate mode chosen in BIOS can also effect how the OS identifies the controller and thus, which drivers that are required or used for operation.


Intel 82801JIB ICH10 consumer base (non RAID) 

Intel 82801JIR ICH10r consumer base RAID

I should be able to give you a more concise description once you answer my question above.