Verify G-RAID with Thunderbolt 3 Raid 1 Status

Hi all. I just picked up a 12TB G-raid with Thunderbolt 3 to serve as my main media repository, and I want it formatted as RAID 1. I have downloaded the configurator and it does say Type: Protected RAID 1, Status is online, etc. So on that front I seem to have done things correctly.

My question arises from the fact that I had originally downloaded SoftRAID, and upon looking at the drive in that program it tells me that the drive is not configured as a RAID. Additionally, in Apple’s Disk Utility, the drive is there as a SATA External Physical volume, but there’s no indication anywhere that it’s recognized as a RAID.

So more or less, I just want to know if there’s a way to conclusively verify that I’ve got things set up correctly before I spend hours and hours transferring all manner of stuff to the new drive.

SoftRAID and the Disk Utility will have no idea it is in a RAID because those are software RAID devices and ours is a hardware RAID. The chipset on our device controls it not the OS or SoftRAID.

As long as the drive shows half the capacity that you purchased and it says it is protected RAID1 in the configurator of ours then you are good to go.