Ver 1.01.24 - no Wlan Menu

After Upgrading to Ver 24 i miss the W-Lan Menu.

I have the Linksys WUSB100V2, this Stick was incompatible to 1.01.10, therefor i upgrade the WD to 1.01.24 to check, if this stick is now compatible.

In the Version 1.10.10 i have the Wlan Menu, but now i miss this.

Is this a Bug or appears this Menu only if a compatible Wlan-Stick is connected ?

OK, the first Step is done.

The menu apears, if the wlan-Stick ist compatible.

The following devices have been tested and are known to be compatible with the WD TV HD Live Media Player.

Linksys WUSB100 (Must have no revision number)

RichUK:  So the USB stick that I got is WUSB100 rev2.  Does that mean it won’t work?

As WD actually highlighted the words ’ Must have no revision number’ then I guess a rev2 adaptor will nor work.

It looks like the latest PRE RELEASE fixes that:

Resolved WIFI Belkin F6D4050 with RAlink 3070 chip and Linksys WUSUB100 Ver 2.

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