Velociraptor: problem only here?

Am I doing anything wrong?

I just replaced a Velociraptor in my RAID array AGAIN!

This is the third one in around 9 months that failed with the exact same symptoms!

The diagnostics program reports it as:



Is this a general problem with the Velociraptors or am I only particularly unlucky?

Thanks for the RMA service though.

must be unlucky, i have a 300gb Velociraptor i’ve been using as a single drive in my media streamer HTPC for about 6 months with 0 issues. media streamer however is on 24-7-365 on a UPS (i also use it for running other things when not running movies), constant rebooting might effect it, i try to leave all my computers online and running as often as i can, and i haven’t had any hard drive failures/issues in years, all WD drives in every computer in the house too.

My problems occurred with 24-7-365 use as well. I only became aware of the problem with the Velociraptors because my RAID controller (Areca 1160) make me aware (nice feature).

I also like the Velociraptors very much for their speed, but why are they failing on me now in such large numbers? That is 4 out of 8 now, because I lost another one this weekend. Problem was the same. :frowning: