VelociRaptor on Sata II

Hello. My motherboard only supports SATA II (3.0 GB). I have a few questions concerning possibly buying a new WD hdd.

1.) If I buy a VelociRaptor, will it work at the full 10,000 rpm on a SATA II system?
2.) Where can I buy the appropriate cables (provided it does not come with them)?
3.) Is there some kind of online tutorial on hdd jumpers?

4.) Would SSD be a better choice for SATA II, or Raptor? (Is it even possible to use SSD on SATA II?)


Hi yes it will work at 10,000 RPM. They would only use a normal sata cable not a special one. The raptors do not have any jumpers. Yes a ssd is faster and will work on sata 2 also, but they are small in size. I use a ssd as a boot drive and a raptor drive to install games and programs,  works very well all on sata 2.

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