VelociRaptor getting a 5.9 score in W7?

I just wondering what others are getting? I bought this drive because it is crazy fast (all in all I am pleased with the speed) so why is it not scoring higher? Or is this a good score and I’m just too much of a noob to realize this? I could careless about the number, but the fact that it is not higher makes me wonder what else I need to do to get up there. SCSI drvies in raid I’m guessing?

what’s the basis of your number?  Is the drive doing what you want it to do, at the speed you want it to do it at?  If yes, then don’t worry about it.  The velociraptors are the fastest spinning drives out there.  The last time I checked, only the SSD’s were faster.

Pretty much just wanted to know what others where seeing. It certainly is running fast but since the highest you can score is 7.9 and I’m at 5.9 maybe some tweaking or drivers would help boost that even higher. I have to agree it is quite fast but I’m not sure if I’m fully utilizing the drives speed because I missed some setting someplace.

Garnold, I’m getting the same thing and was actually coming to this board to try and figure out why myself. To the response from Anthony- how do we find out if our drives *are* performing as fast as they should? I realize that the Windows Experience Index is not a particularly accurate gauge of system performance, but I would expect that it would rate the velociraptor higher than 5.9. Sure, my system is fast, but how do I know if that’s not a result of the rest of my system? Since everything else is rated at 7.8 or higher, could the drive be holding my system back from higher performance potential?

I was poking around in my bios and thought there might be a setting I’m missing that is throttling back my drives’ performance. Any suggestions?

Try HD Tune’s benchmark and then compare your drive against others in the same class.

Thanks for this suggestion. I’ll have to give it a try.

I replaced my existing 1TB drive for the new VelociRaptor drive that WD sent me as an exchange for my 3 year old Raptor drive that died (mechanical failure I believe) because it’s supposed to be and I feel is, a faster drive since it’s a 10k rpm drive compared to the 1TB which is a 7200 rpm drive.

I was actually a bit disturbed to find that as my primary drive it only scores a 5.9, the same score that my 7200rpm 1 TB (Hitachi I think) drive scores in the Windows 7 performance center.

So, no you’re not alone in getting a 5.9 scoring on this drive.  I’d have a solid 7.9 if it wasn’t for this low hdd score.

And although these number scores don’t mean a whole lot to me, it’s just a very simplistic way of comparing computers amongst friends with the score that they receive in the Windows scoring system.  It’s not a big deal, I only came here thinking that maybe I have not turned on an option somewhere that would rate it higher or make it perform higher than it currently does.

Using Hdtune I produce these scores, the first one being the Velociraptor and the second  a Seagate Baracuda

 I would have expected a much more drastic difference between these two drives like there is between the Velociraptor and my other 3 drives…

HD Tune Pro: WDC WD1500HLFS-01G6U     Benchmark

Test capacity: full

Read transfer rate

Transfer Rate Minimum : 64.2 MB/s

Transfer Rate Maximum : 122.5 MB/s

Transfer Rate Average : 101.0 MB/s

Access Time           : 7.3 ms

Burst Rate            : 225.1 MB/s

CPU Usage             : 4.1%

HD Tune Pro: ST31000528AS             Benchmark

Test capacity: full

Read transfer rate

Transfer Rate Minimum : 60.7 MB/s

Transfer Rate Maximum : 129.6 MB/s

Transfer Rate Average : 95.9 MB/s

Access Time           : 13.8 ms

Burst Rate            : 180.3 MB/s

CPU Usage             : 5.0%

I’m here for the very same reason. All my other component scores are near 7, but this drive is rating only a 5.9? Something’s gotta be wrong.

Using PC Wizard, I can see that the drive has an “unspecified” volume name. The Model number is WDC WD3000HLFS-01G6U1. I wonder if, when installed properly, a volume name is required for the drive to access data quickly?

Does anyone using this drive ever get a higher rating than 5.9 for it in a Windows 7 system? It would be very interesting to figure out what’s going on here and remedy it. I can’t believe this drive is the weakest link in my “Windows Experience” rating!

Maybe Win 7 doesn’t rate access time as a dominant performance indicator???

In fact, if you limit the 1TB drive to 300GB, either by means of a HPA, or by restricting it to a single small partition, then I’m betting that the Barracuda will outperform the VelociRaptor for considerably less money, even in access time. You could then use the remaining 700GB for multimedia files, where sustained data rate trumps access time.

Well I’ll be danged, - I just posted a brand new topic with this same EXACT issue in Win7 64bit (oops, just found this thread).

My Raptor scored a measely 5.9 and the Experience Index seems to be benchmarking I/O?!?!?!  All of my other system components are scoring a solid 7.5 right down the line.

This isn’t right - WD are you reading these concerns?  Time for a new Win7 64bit driver?  Why pay extra for the Raptor, get less GBs for your money (comparatively) for a weak or similar score to MUCH cheaper costing drives?

I’ve had this post up forever and can’t seem to get any answers from WD. I like their HD’s but don’t think I’ll ever spend the money I did for their faster ones. These where not cheap man and I can’t really get the performance I was expecting. Guess we just wait till SS HD’s get cheaper and buy them though I’m not sure if I would be WD again because of this lack of support.

FYI - I just purchased a new Samsung spinpoint F4 HD from Newegg; while it is only 340 gb it is FAST FAST FAST!  Tomshardware is calling this one of the fastest SATA drives out there (and it’s only 7200 rpm!) 

But the best part: it costs just $42.99 including free shipping…now, since its’ performance is near the Raptor, there IS no comparison for value here…you could pick up a couple of these for under $90 and put them in a RAID 0 confiig for super speeds…

This F4 is supposedly about as fast as some of the slower SSDs out there!  So, no more Raptors for me, you just can’t justify the cost any more…

What are the scores from W7 on these drives?