Velociraptor extinct?

Velociraptors are almost completely out-of-stock at the usual vendors, so is Western Digital almost ready to release the new version of them or have they gone the way of their namesake?


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Amazon no longer sells them, though Marketplace sellers, who might ship you anything from new to well-worn goods, state that they have some (BinkieMelane advertises them, but it is an 80%-satisfaction seller). My local Micro Center not only has none in stock, it has deleted the listings as it did for Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge CPUs. Newegg no longer has complete drives with IcePack, though it does have drives-only to sell.

I was hoping a WDC employee would ask an internal marketing person my original question which was not unreasonable. I will ask my question again. Has WDC decided that Velociraptors will be replaced by hybrid drives or is another generation of them currently being designed?

Just noticed this to. Newegg no longer sells them and the 500GB version seems to be out of stock everywhere.

With SSD prices falling this may be it for this line.

I still have 4 with about 2 years left of warranty.

I’d like WD to confirm if the line is dead or they are working on a newer revision.