Velociraptor 300gb problems

Right now I’m writing this from my laptop because my desktop is having problems starting up. It was working fine, but when I turned it on yesterday, chkdsk started up and kept saying it needed to check for errors. After hours, it finally finished and found thousands of ‘file record segment 522776’, ect is unreadable. I think it found 1076 or something. It deleted index entries and orphan files, and then when I restarted it, it loaded up chkdsk again and had the same errors, and started with 522776 again, it just keeps finding the same problems. I am on DLGDIAG right now, the bootable program from western digital, it failed the quick test with error code 0007 I think, and now it failed the extended test because of ‘Too many errors found - Please Contact Technical Support - Code 0225’ 

My model is WDC WD3000HLFS-01G6U1

Firmware is 04.04V02

This is a bad drive, you will need to replace it.