Velociraptor 300 GB CRC Error Count

HD Tune Pro 4.01 - WinDLG doesn’t work on any of my drives.

My 3 x 2TB Caviar Blacks all come out peachy.

The 1 x 300 GB Velociraptor, < 1 year old, gets a warning of 3 under data on the Error Count.  All my data is off it now, but is this something to get worried about?  Worth replacing?  It’s a bit of a special drive, so perhaps HD Tune isn’t sure how to handle this aspect of it?  No bad sectors turn up.  Cabling and SATA ports all fine.

Any thoughts welcome.

If you are running Win 7, then DLG Diagnostics won’t work.  However, I would hunt down a Vista or XP machine and try running the diagnostics on one of those for the Velociraptor.   Our utility will tell you more exactly if the drive is good or not.  If there are smart errors or sector errors, then the drive is failing and should be replaced.