Velocidad en conexión remota

Tengo un wd My cloud y cuando accedo remotamente la velocidad no es muy rápida. Intente abrir los puertos 80 y 443 pero en Vodafone este último puerto no es posible abrir. Que debería hacer para conseguir mejor tasa de transferencia desde el exterior? Gracias :pray:

Remote access speeds are dependent on a variety of factors. First being the upload speed of the broadband connection the My Cloud is using. Next comes internet congestion between the My Cloud broadband connection and your remote connection. Then there is the download speed at the remote location.

The My Cloud Dashboard Settings page has a setting that allows the user to change the remote access ports from the default ports of 80/443. When one changes the setting to manual and changes the ports they will also have to enable port forwarding within the router the My Cloud is connected to so the new ports are passed from the internet to the My Cloud. See the router’s administration page where one can typically enable/configure port forwarding.