VCD / Partition Issue


I have a query I hope someone can help me with. I have 2 x 500GB My Passport external drives.

The 1st one I bought had 2 partitions (I think it came like this but cannot really remember). The 1st Partition is the VCD and associated software, the 2nd Partition has all my files on it.  This is the system I’ve become used to.

The 2nd Passport I got has a single partition with the VCD software on it. I’d like a cleaner split between the VCD files and My files on this 2nd Passport. How do I make it the same as the 1st device I bought ?

Any help appreciated.

PS Not very computer savvy, so please Keep It Simple :slight_smile:

Hi there dude! It depends, can you post the exact model number of the passports? The new ones don’t have the same VCD partition layout as the old ones (Even though they keep the same name) and changing that may not be needed or possible depending on the drive.