VCD Manager Keeps Saying Upgrade Firmware But I Already Did

im using a My Book Essential 1tb unit on MAC OS x 10.6.5, and nomatter how many times i upgrade the firmware, when i try to run the virtual cd manager to disable the virtual cd, it keeps saying that I have to i[grade firmware to use it. I have done so many times.

I saw one other person with my issue but no one answered him. Does anyone have any idea what to do?

Thanks in advance.

If you have a newer drive with a “mini” Virtual CD (the label is “WD Unlocker” instead of “WD SmartWare”), then it cannot be disabled by the Virtual CD Manager.  Instead, the intended behavior is that if the drive is not password-protected then the Virtual CD should not appear.  You may need to have SmartWare installed for this behavior to work, but you do not need to actually use SmartWare to back up your data.