VCD & Ghost Files?


I just got  the recent version of the “My Passport” USB 3 Portable Hard drive (500Gb).

It did not have a virtual CD drive as the previous older one I had, but had some drivers and manuals inside as files.

I installed WD Smartware & WD Security. Then  I deleted all the files that were in the drive when I bought it. I chose to display hidden folders in the drive, but there were none. However, it says in the drive details that 104mb are being used.

My first question is:

What are those files that occupy 104mb and cannot be found and viewed? The WD Smartware classifies them as “Additional Files”.

Second question:

Can/Should I delete them and how?

Third question:

What is the best way to format the drive? Will the Windows 7 default format interface suffice? Should I select the “default allocation size” option or manually input a size (and which size)?

Forth Question:

Can I create a virtual cd drive for the software within my new 500Gb USB 3 Passport external drive?

1- Smartware and system files

2-  You can’t

3-  that’s up to you, if you are going to create a partition that’s the place where you select the size of each partition.

4-  I don’t think is possible. You can download the software from the website as many times as necessary.

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Thank you for the information.

Just one more thing, I saw in the WD website of my product that the virtual CD drive is mentioned in some sections - FAQ etc.

I would like to know if this product is supposed to have one , and if somehow its only my copy that does not seem to include it.