VCD "Free" Space

Ever since I updated the firmware on my WD 2Tb Externals and disabled the VCD I’ve had an extra ~670megs or so left free on the drive, unpartitioned. Today I decided to extend my partition out to cover that 670.

The operation failed with an error message about the drive not being able to locate a sector. If I put the drive into a linux box I can reformat it alright (although it gets a bit strange about it) - but when I put it back into Windows it simply doesn’t work. I can’t even load up the Disk Manager, it just hangs. I can’t make it work on windows at all. Can’t partiton, can’t format, can’t assign a drive letter, etc. All I can do is wipe it in Linux, initialize it in Windows - and then nothing.

Now looking around, I see it may be that the last 670 megs there wasn’t supposed to be something I was given the option of writing over. Question is, how do I fix it? (The drive is still passing SMART and was working perfectly before I attempted to extend the partiton.

I have two other just like this, one of them which I wiped entirely a while ago. I want to use it now, but I’m afraid to partition it since the space where the old partition was is no longer separated from that ~670 megs. Making the partiton 700 megs smaller then the drive size doesn’t work either, I tried it on the drive I spoke of above and it still just hangs on anything I try to do with it.

You can’t erase that partition; it’s bound to the firmware of the drive.