Various issues not reading fat32 disconnecting local media folder no content

this  unit is new 28th November 2012.

I have come across various issues, that I did not have with my WD TV LIVE HD ( wish I still had it)

1  refuses to read fat32 hard drives, reformat to ntfs and it works,  back to fat 32   ndoes not see  them. I have tried  with 2 different 500gb 2.5" drives.  One was a WD Elements as well.

2  After some time (this varies)  it seems to loose connection to the local  media  plugge into the usb.

like “content source has been removd”  even though the drives are still attached

3 Getting errors saying  folders are empty even when i know there not

 in frustration power off  restart  and they are  then seen again

this unit has been updated to latest firmwatre  as it did on inital  use.

 A question which I cannot seem to find an answer for is when the unit is powered down  with the remodte, why does  any  usb  device  plugged into the front number 1 usb port remain a live  (lights on), have not found any referrence to this in the manual or online anywhere.

Really as a replacment for my wd tv live hd  this **bleep** bigtime,  i only every had 1 issue with that. (stupid audio encoding of a mp4 it did not know about)

Am coming to the conclusion  I have wasted my money on this unit,   and  alas  i have given away  my tv live( silly me)


Make sure you have the latest firmware installed on the media player. As this might resolve some of the issues that you are experiencing.

I’m not sure if the WDs will support FAT32 partitions that large.  a 500GB FAT32 is insane, really, and will perform TERRIBLY when it reaches anywhere over like 80G used…