Variant of network credentials for private dirs

new to posting on the foum, forgive me if I’ve misplaced it.

Anyway I’ve run into mapping problems, etc before. Behavior never seems all that consistent. Here’s where I’m at right now

OS :Windows 10

Problem : unable to access PRIVATE dirs (read/write permissions checked on dashboard and OK) through file explorer - I receive the enter network credentials diaglog box, but will not allow access (the “not accessible…might not have permissions” error we all see so much)
WRINKLE : I CAN drive map the private dir (with the same username and PW that gets rejected through straight file explorer access)

Not sure about Windows 10, but XP, 7 & 8 all have a limitation of only allowing network drive connections with one set of credentials, even Public. You must connect to/map ALL shares with your MyCloud user credentials.

If you connect to Public without specifying your mycloud credentials, Windows will associate your windows user credentials with the mycloud, making it impossible to connect to private shares, because it would require mixed credentials for a single network file server, which Windows does not allow.