v04.01.03-421 firmware is flaky

Works for a day or two and then access to the drive is lost at any moment, even overnight. Can’t even see the UI on the network. The only thing that works is a hard reset of the WD My Cloud. Also, I often loss access to the attached USB drive, or it is misread as totally empty or totally full. I’ve had this drive for some time, and it has performed OK. I made the mistake of upgrading the firmware in hopes that it would relieve some other issues. Bad idea!

I need to rollback to v04.00.01-623. This version works fine on my second WD My Cloud. Have never had a problem with it.

Just to be clear, I need an install file (OS X) for the v04.00.01-623 firmware, so that I can perform a rollback and remove any traces of the v04.01.03-421 update.

I’m not entirely certain that the firmware  v04.01.03-421 is the issue for me. I had problems constantly when I was using smartware on 2 computers and time machine on my wife’s Mac Book Pro. After I stopped using smartware on my PRIMARY HP desktop machine the problems relating to instability stopped. The issue I have is that I purchased 3 TB My Clound and a 4 TB My Book Studio to be a single point backup site for my entire suite of computers. Thus far I can say that {my implementation} MC success rate is dismal.

I believe the smartware is incapable of dealing with my particular HP desktop:

  • Intel i7 CPU @ 3.2 GHz x8
  • 12 GB Memory
  • Internal SSD
  • Internal 1 TB SATA
  • External 1 TB eSATA

I’m waiting for engineering to weigh in on the safepoint update failures I get when the HP is ‘active’ on MC.

I will say that I’m able to:

  • Access MC from all 3 Linux machines creating and deleting files on both MC and My Book
  • Access MC from Mac Book Pro - TimeMachine active!
  • Access MC from both Windows 7 machines (HP not using smartware, Dell laptop works with smartware)
  • Create and automatically update safepoints
  • Access MC from both iPhones

I have:

  • disabled cloud access and will not re-enable due to poor security
  • temporarily disable all media streaming
  • insured safepoint updates are times not to interfer with TimeMachine
  • completely given up to notion of Apple TV
  • been thoroughly dissapointed because in 2 weeks and 3 days I’m not able to even come close to deploying this WD solution as I intended

Old versions of firmware are available for download and manual install from WD’s website.  Here’s the image you’re looking for:


For downgrade process, see the recent thread:


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