V.2 Android app. Generates links but links bring up dire warning message in recipient's browser


  Seems I can’t update an existing thread (“reply” no longer available on this thread  http://community.wdc.com/t5/WD-Mobile-Apps/Redirect-in-link-to-download-file-brings-up-browser-warning/m-p/358179#M909 so will continue with a new thread.

  With the upgrade (July 2012) to WD2go v.2 I was hoping the links generated by the Android app to files on the MyBook Live could be used to send a file to someone. My thinking on how this should work is I log into WD2Go on the Android device, find my file, generate the link to the file, and  email the link. What is happening is the reciepient clicks on the link and gets a dire warning that they may be the subject of a URL re-direct to a bad site. If I received just  warning, I would back off right away. 

  The problem is the generated link refers to "mybooklive.devicexxxxx.wd2go.com. However the site identifies itself as “*.wd2go.com”. WD needs to clean up the link that is generated. 

If you’ve clicked in your browser to ignore this warning, the link works. But there is no way I can convince colleagues and family to ignore the dire warning.

The gist of the warning is “Google Chrome can say for sure that you reached *.wd2go.com, but cannot verify that that is the same site asmybooklive.devicexxxxxx.wd2go.com”. The browser detects the reported address as being different from the requested address hence the error. 

HELP WD. This issue prevents simple file sharing with the WD. The only other work-around is to dowvnload the file to the handheld and re-send it, a huge toll on limited bandwidth with a cell phone subscription. 


Image of the warning

This could be a problem with the browser

the same happens to me when connecting with my internet banking site

when using other browsers it works fine


  Variations of  the error come up with Firefox, Chrome, and IE. I do’nt have any control over the browser recipients use. Yes, it’s the browser warning about a possible re-direction scam.  The browser is doing what it is supposed to do. The problem I think is in the link generated by the app, the link says one thing, WD’s server tries to re-direct and gives the browser a different address, to which the browser throws up the warning. 

  Are links generated in the WD2Go Android App working for anybody? Your recipients are not getting the dire warning about a re-direction?