Utility to identify duplicate files and obsolete files

Since my first computer back in 1998 I have copied information from the previous C drive to the new computer C drive. I have “My Computer” folders nested inside “My Computer” folders. Or they were called “My Documents” folders.

Later I did backups with the purchase of hard drives and wrapping them in aluminum foil with documentation and putting them in a drawer.

I have gotten everything off my hard drives onto my EX4100 24 TB RAID 1.

Now I realize that I must have triplicate or quadruplicate identical files.

I also have files that are older obsolete files of newer files. I had some files which I have indexed magazines as part of my research. The older folders have earlier versions.

So I am looking for a good software to find duplicate files. Something with strong management capabilities since I am likely to find thousands of duplicate files.

I am interested in recommendations. I saw there is some product by WebMinds, but it is really hard to get good advice off the web.

Thanks for support.

Hello, I have not tested WebMinds but I read a lot of negative opinion, I know Duplicate Photo Cleaner. he is great. It helps to eliminate duplicates very effectively.

I feel your pain. I have jpg and qfd files in multiple locations, most of which I’ll never need. Consider Duplicate Cleaner or Duplicate Cleaner Pro at https://www.duplicatecleaner.com/.

I purchased and I am using Easy Duplicate Finder by Webminds. It is working well so far and I have deleted 100s of Gb of duplicate files. But thank you for the recommendation. Now I am looking for a tool to find empty and nearly empty folders. By the way the Windows 10 search functionf for empty folders doesn’t work. Tried it.