USP - Port Exchange

My USB Port broke. As it is already an older G drive (GDRU3PA10001ABB with 1TB) I opened it up and was wondering if I can order somewhere this inner first part which is connected to the use port on one side and to the drive on the other side. Item number BG0370007146.

Any help is very much appreciated. Thank you.

We don’t have just the interface boards available to provide to anyone. In this situation you would need to purchase a new external drive enclosure and just place the drive in there.

Thank you Rydia.
Does a new external drive enclosure come with the interface board and USP port?

Yes it would, there are hundreds of different enclosures out there but that is what they are meant for, making them external drives.

Can I order it with you?

No, it would be a 3rd party piece of hardware. We don’t sell enclosures.

Any recommendations?

There are hundreds out there from many manufacturers.

But something like this is perfect: 2.5" External enclosure

Thank you. Appreciated your help!