Using you own backdrops for home videos: a solution

I am a Mac user and have been seeking a way to use my own jpegs as backdrops **bleep** a few times to see if there were any suggestions out there on how to do this. In the end, I experimented myself and have found a solution … it’s not ideal but it does work.

Basically, using iWeb and my .mac account, I created a website on to which I uploaded the jpegs that I want to use as home video backdrops. I then browse to the website and open each jpeg in a “new window.” You can then see the jpeg’s particular url. If I then substitute these urls for the urls given for backdrops in a standard feature film’s xml file, then when I navigate to the home video using the WDTVLiveHub, my backdrops are displayed like they would be **bleep** to meet other objectives.

Displaying the thumbnail and text (video title, overview, etc.) over the backdrop is done in the conventional way by editing the xml text and placing the thumbnail jpeg in the appropriate WD folder.

This procedure is not ideal, in that I would prefer that the backdrops exist on the WD’s internal drive so that they display even without an internet connection, but at least this procedure works if your internet connection is active.

Sounds good.

Could you not have just upped a picture to an image upload site ? That might be easier.

I agree backdrops on the Computer would be much better, i know WD are on about the Tmdb rules, but just give us the option of using pictures on our HD and thats it done. I can have any background for my wallpaper, so can’t see what the problem is.

It’s a bug.

I can make it LOAD images from my local NAS, but it will not DISPLAY them.   WD is aware of the issue, but of course, they’re not commenting on plans…