Using XP SP3 & WD TV for a poor mans DLNA

Hi I have just seen how effective a mac PC & iphone / ipad can control a FAT 32 HDD for pics music & DVD on a large TV & I want to do the same but with XP SP3 &

It looks to me as if WD TV & its remote will do the biz - maybe better with xbmc?

Have a look at my post on  any ideas how to make it happen?

Use the search function, IIRC someone already explained why XMBC most likely won’t happen on the WD. However, the upcoming Xtreamer Ultra comes with XBMC.

XBMC on the WDTV Live is a dream that will never happen. XBMC has been compiled for the later generation of Sigma chips and not the version WD are using in the WDTV Live box. There is also an issue that no-one has attempted to compile a version for the WDTV Live box and also the ROM capacity in the WDTV Live box is too low.