Using wireless usb stick for wireless internet

Dear members and WD,

It would be fine if you coudl help me throw out of this problem.

I bought a wireless usb stick ( brand TP-Link artickel number TL-WN821N ), but it has the version 3 ( V3 ).

I saw on the website of WD, wich wireless usb stick are compatible for my media playyer ( WDBAAP0000NBK ), with ethernet option, but the brand and the article number witch i bought the V2 is only mentioned in there not the V3.

Well i tried to connect it to my media player but it isn’t showing up in the media player. Is is also not possible to buy the V2 version because it a ols one, and you cannot get it form the market. I saw the other brand like linksys and netgear and others, nut also the same story, the article number wich will work with my media player, they are too old. I cannot buy them, i can buy the newer version, like i did, but it is not working.

Is there any solution for this problem, like having a update for the media player. But i am using the latest update version and i tried to update it and it shows, you have the latest software.

So please Wester Digital, come with software update, so that the users of this media player can use the latest wireless usb stick.

I will be waiting for your reply.

Thank in advance.


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is coming as I have read on this community

in the meantime you can search for another brand/model