Using Wireless My Passport with Time Capsule

Hi …  I setup My Passport Wireless correctly on my Mac, and made the shared link and it shows in finder, thing is I want to use it for Time Capsule, it showed once but then it never showed again how to solve this problem ?   Is there any setting to do ? I connected the hard disk to my wireless home router.  Kindest Regards

Hello AmmarSM, welcome to the WD Community. Can you share information on how you are trying to use the Passport Wireless with Time Capsule? 


After clicking make shortcut from admin page I go to finder and verfiy shorcut is working by clicking and browsing its content and every thing is fine, it can be connected as guest or admin, then i go to time machine  prefrences and choose select disk, so the shared wd shrocut should be there its not showing ?

Sorry I made a mistake I was meaning making Mac Time Machine uses WD Wirless as Backup Hard Disk not Time Capsule.

KIndest Regards


Usually for the Mac Time Machine to recognize an external network drive the device has to run a specific Mac service that support Time Machine. Time Machine typically cannot just backup to a network share/location like other software. The Passport Wireless is just designed for a wireless connection for data transfers so it doesn’t run this service and most likely will not work with Time Machine. It also isn’t listed as a feature on the Passport wireless. The only way to backup to the drive would be to connect the drive to your Mac via USB.