Using web browser for upload


I have been using Firefox and for upload files from my HP laptop to my MyCloud at home. For some reason I have encountered the following issues and were wondering if there is a fix for this:

  1. On my HP laptop (which is quite new) I experience that the folders I have on my MyCloud only appear when I drag my cursor over them. This is not the case when i use my girlfriends old Lenovo laptop on the same internet connection with Firefox and Chrome. Why do I experience this?

  2. I cannot drag a folder and copy that onto the MyCloud. When I do this it does not copy the folder but it copies all the files from the folder directly onto the place I dragged it in to. Again, this is not an issue on my girlfriends laptop

  3. Do you know if there is a new and improved layout of the files.mycloud,com site coming any time soon? The layout and graphics are (for my personal taste) old and outdated and does not appear very 2018-like.

  4. When I try to copy many files onto the MyCloud at once it gives me a warning that I should try to use sync instead, however this is not what I would like. I can do the upload but very often it is extremely slow or it simply stalls and to not copy all files or in some cases any files. Why is this?



Hi Uslu,

It seems that your issues are mostly system and browser specific. You should try to use another web browser i.e. Chrome, to access My Cloud web application.