Using WDTV Live with Android (BubbleUPNP) without a router?

Hi all

I am John from South Cheshire in the UK

New on here but not new to (many many :wink: ) forums.

I am fairly confident with Windows networking and DHCP etc

My new WDTV Live box works fine with my HTC Andriod phone via my router. I use BubbleUPNP on the HTC phone to push audio (note = only interested in audio here) to the WDTV Live and it works well :smiley:

However (for reasons not worth going into here) I would like to do the same (audio file pushing) from the phone to the WDTV Live without a router.

Now I know the router assigns an IP address to the WDTV Live and the phone but can anyone suggest a way of connecting the 2 without a DHCP server ?

Thanks for looking at this not so run of the mill query !

If you statically assign IP’s (and match the netmask) to both mobile and WDTV you should be able to communicate whether or not there is a router present on the network. You will obviously need a switch/wireless AP of some kind so the two can actually communicate.

** It occurs to me that perhaps you are asking if you can directly communicate from mobile to WDTV? As in, create an ad-hoc wireless network between the two? Provided your mobile can create an ad-hoc wireless network, you should be able to connect the WDTV to it. The mobile can assign IP’s if it has a DHCP server, otherwise just statically assign IP’s as above.