Using WDTV Live HD with Linksys DMA2100: Problems sharing the same files on the Network

I had log-on errors in the File Management and Media-Shares Errors in the Music Share only not able to find files. So I did a reformat and clean Windows 7 install on my HTPC the checked the WDTV every step of the way. No problems at all until I put the Linksys DMA2100 back on line then the Problems Returned. What is the deal? Has anyone been able to run both of these on a Home Network sharing the same HTPC over a Wired network?

I’m running DMA2100’s and a WDTVL+ now and other than an issue that cropped up due to Windows Update installing a LIve ID Login Assistant (solved by removing the “assistant”), I haven’t had any problems accesssing the same music either through the DMA2100 or through network share on the WDTVL+.  I am certainly not saying that there couldn’t be a problem created by having a DMA2100 on the same network.  I just haven’t experienced what you are describing.