Using WD TV Live with computer speakers

First of all, the product worked wonderfully for me right out of the box. Connected to my WS HD TV via HDMI…a toslink to my (non HDMI) receiver and I was watching a movie in 5 mins or so.

Then I brought it all over to my computer. Connected via HDMI to the monitor and the toslink to my computer. It plays the sound out of my monitor’s speakers fine. But I was wondering how I would get the sound to play out of my main computer speakers. They are about 5 years old (Logitech X530). Its a brand new computer othewise with an Asus P7p55 board.

I am not a gear head so just getting to this point feels pretty good…lol…just wondering is there is something simple I am missing.

Thanks for a great product

Had a look at the spec’s of your motherboard, the ‘Optical S/PDIF’ is an out port.

The only audio input is for a microphone.

The only option is to buy another pci sound card (with optical input) and disable the onboard sound.

Or, use one of the external sound blaster from ‘CREATIVE’ which has SPDIF in/out and connects via USB to your computer. This could be a cheaper solution (40-50$) and can be used with any of your future laptop & PC.

Thanks to both of you for your informative and speedy replies.

I will look into both options in the future and the Creative one sounds intriguing.

For the moment, its a minor inconvenience as the whole point of getting the WDTV live unit was to use it with my 1080P capable television. It’s hard to keep ahead of technology; I would never have thought about the toslink being an “out-y” rather than an “in-y” Sorta like belly buttons? OK, this 50 something would be geek will stop with the lame jokes.

I am in awe of what a smallish device like this unit is capable of. A whole world of capability opens up with it. And the fact that it can be upgraded via firmware over the net is a huge bonus. Would that my 10 year old receiver could have that capability along with other links in my home entertainment chain.

Thanks so much for your help.