Using WD My Passport Ultra 1TB with MML adapter in my LS430

Can anyone provide insight to the potential issues with connecting a mechanical drive (WD My Passport Ultra 1TB) to the MML adapter in a car?  Are there issues when playing music and driving on rough terrain / bumpy roads?  Has anyone experienced damage to the disk or MP3, etc. files on the disk during such driving conditions?

Finally, I have the entire disk full of music 920GB (207,000 songs) with just over 1% free disk space (MML requirement).  Has anyone experienced successful performance using the MML adapter with this many files?  I know I need to structure the folders on the disk to no more than 999 and no more than 999 songs within each folder.

All lessons learned are welcomed!

Hello and welcome to the community,

I have never tried this since it is not supported. But lets see if any other user can share some experience with us.