Using WD Live + USB as a NAS

Hey, simple question.

I’d like to setup my house with a simple NAS, so that I don’t need to leave the desktop ON all the time.

I’d like to go with a 2TB USB Drive + WD Live (Vanilla. NOT WD Live Hub or WD Live Plus) and hook it with ethernet.

So I’d like to know if the other computers on the system can see the USB Drive connected to the WD Live over the network and write to it or not. (The answer should be yes, but most threads relate to WD Live Hub and not to the WD Live, so just confirming before putting my hard earned money into this.)


Yes, you should be able to see any of the USB drive(s) that are connected to the WD TV Live in any of the computers in your network. In my network, I am able to do so.

Note:  The WD TV Live must be ON, in order for you to access the attached USB drive(s) over  the network.

Thanks, I’ll go purchase one right away.