Using WD Live Duo 6TB with WD TV Live Hub

I currently use WD TV Live Hub, which has 1TB of storage, to stream films to my Samsung smart TV. To expand the storage capacity, I have attached a 3TB My Book via USB to the Live Hub. I am now thinking of replacing the 3TB My Book with a 6TB Live Duo. Is there a way to connect the Live Duo directly ot the Live Hub via USB the same way My Book is connected? This would make it easy for me to navigate to the stored films on the Live Duo. If this is not possible and I end up connecting the Live Duo to the network via ethernet, will I be able to stream the films to the Live Hub? How will I navigate to it through the Live Hub interface? Incidentally, my films are in .iso and .mp4 formats. Many thanks for your guidance.

Yeah, but it’s a waste of money…  You’re paying a premium for NAS functionality on the DUO that, hooking it up the way you describe, won’t give you any benefits…

Thank you for responding.  I have three questions:

1.  Are you saying there is a less expensive way to accomplish the same end? If so, what is it?

  1. Why is it that hooking up the Live Duo will not give me the benefits?  What benefits will I lose?  What should I do in order to have the benefits?

  2. How do I navigate on the TV Live Hub user interfact to the films on the drive?

Many thanks.

  1. just get another drive.  

  2. It’s a NAS!  It’s meant to be used by your WHOLE network, not just a single device.

  3. it depends on which drive (duo or usb) you are talking about.